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Caring for Your Dental Implants

Did you know that over three million people have dental implants? The numbers are growing rapidly as well, with over 500,00 people joining the ranks every year. Dental implants are wonderful options for replacing teeth: they’re comfortable, durable, and strong. While they do last for decades, they will still need care. A local Miami Beach, FL dentist offers some tips on caring for your implants in this article.

Use A Soft Brush

You’ll need to brush daily, just as you did before. However, you’ll need to stay away from anything that could potentially scratch your implants. Use a soft bristled brush, and be very gentle.

Use Products For Sensitive Teeth

Your dentist may advise you to get toothpastes and toothbrushes made for sensitive teeth. These are gentler on implants, which can get scratched or damaged easily.


Getting dental implants doesn’t mean you’re off the hook as far as flossing. In fact, flossing will be just as important now as it was before. You may find a waterpik easier to manipulate, especially if you have implants for more than one tooth. Your dentist can give you specific advice on this.

Avoid Dangerous Food

A general rule of thumb: anything sticky is a risk to your implant. Stay away from things like caramel, butterscotch candies, apples, and dried fruits.

Don’t Smoke

This one probably isn’t much of a surprise: smoking is bad for your entire body. Your teeth and gums, however, take a lot of the abuse of all those chemicals. If you’re still smoking, we strongly recommend quitting before getting an implant. Ask your doctor to recommend smoking-cessation products and/or programs.


Did you know that alcohol can interfere with your body’s healing processes? While you don’t necessarily have to be a complete teetotaler, it’s best to restrict alcohol intake for at least six months after your implant surgery. That’s roughly how long it takes to heal.


You’ll still need to come in for regular cleanings, as it’s important to get plaque and debris out of the tissue around the implant. Otherwise, the implant could fail. Your hygienist will use special tools to prevent scratching and other damage. Follow your dentist’s recommended schedule for cleaning appointments.

Do you have questions or concerns about dental implants? Are you looking for a great dentist? Contact us, your local Miami Beach, FL dental clinic, today!

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