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Halloween Dental Care For Kids

Halloween is coming up quickly! Of course, for children, that means two things: candy and costumes. All those sweets can do a number on your little one’s teeth! A local Midtown Miami, FL dentist offers some tips on kids’ Halloween dental care in this article.

Choose The Right Sweets

Candies are definitely not all created equal. Be extra careful of sticky treats, like gummy worms. The longer things stick to the teeth, the more opportunity they have to do damage. Sour candies also aren’t great here, as they can break down the enamel of the tooth. And hard candies take a long time to eat, which means the teeth are basically coated in sugar for several minutes. On the safer side, chocolate isn’t quite as sugary and doesn’t stick to the teeth. Dark chocolate has the least sugar, and actually provides health benefits. There are also sugarless gums and candies, which are great options for diabetic kids.

Time It Right

Eating triggers chemical reactions in the mouth, causing the formation of acids that make your enamel vulnerable. Spacing out snacks just keeps that process ongoing, which doesn’t help matters. Have the kids eat their candy after meals.

Stay Hydrated

Make sure your little ones are drinking enough water. This will not only help rinse food particles away, it will also keep them (and their mouths) properly hydrated. Rinsing after eating sugary foods can also be beneficial.

Dental Care

Just like any other time of year, regularly brushing and flossing will go a long way towards preventing damage. We recommend brushing at least twice a day for two minutes each time. Flossing is important as well.


Vampire fangs are now a classic Halloween costume staple. However, you’ll need to take a few precautions. It’s best to have your child fitted with a custom piece. Also, make sure they clean and disinfect their fangs, and don’t reuse last year’s.


Part of the problem with Halloween candy is just the sheer volume of it. If your child comes back from an event with a pillowcase full of sweets, and you’ve got several filled candy bowls already, you may need to monitor things, and dole out a few treats a day. You may also be able to donate some of the overflow.

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