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Welcome New Patients

Welcome to Beach Dental Care! Before we get started on your treatment plan, we’d like to share with you our approach to service.

Preventive dentistry is our goal for every patient. This involves daily care, good nutrition, and periodic check-ups and cleanings that help to maintain existing good dental health. Preventive dentistry may not be where we start with every patient, but it’s where we always aim to finish!

Restorative dentistry is basic repair of the mouth. We mend broken or leaking fillings, build crowns and bridges, fit partial and full dentures, and realign your bite. Where necessary, gum disease is treated, or root canal therapy recommended. The prevailing goal behind restorative dentistry is a simple one: you can keep all your teeth for all your life.

Cosmetic dentistry is coming of age with new materials and procedures that make a beautiful smile accessible to everyone. Because our preventive and restorative programs have been so successful, we now have the luxury of considering cosmetic treatment to address gaps, chips, and otherwise less-than-perfect smiles.

At Beach Dental Care, we provide any and all of these services, depending on your health and dental needs. We think you’ll find us a little different in small but important ways. We look forward to meeting you!

What to Expect at Your First Visit

To help you prepare, here’s what to expect at your initial appointment.

Before you arrive, we will collect as much information as possible about your needs and your insurance so we can verify and help you get the most from your dental benefits. If possible, we ask that you complete the new patient registration paperwork prior to your appointment. These forms are important because they help determine the course of your treatment. 

To ensure a safe and successful visit, we’ll need to know in advance about any allergies, sensitivity to anesthetics, or long-term medications you are on–your whole health picture.

You can find these forms here.

During your first visit with us, we’ll take x-rays to find areas of infection that need treatment, and if necessary, hard cast models will be made to examine your bite and photos taken to address any cosmetic concerns you may have. Then we’ll need some time to examine your teeth, gums, jaw alignment, and soft tissues. Our dental exams also include a blood pressure check and oral cancer analysis–again, to assess your total health.

During the course of your treatment, our team will involve and depend on you. Dental health is a team effort with one collective goal–nurturing your teeth, mouth, and gums to simply be the best they can be.

Maybe you’ve neglected your dental health for a bit too long, or maybe a past experience has left you with apprehension when it comes to dental care. Dental technology has come a long way from what you might remember. Welcome to comfortable dentistry. Seriously!

If you have questions about your treatment, or any other concerns, we’ll always take the time to discuss them with you so you can relax and feel good about your visits with us!

Dental Fear & Anxiety

We’d like to offer one comforting and wonderful fact about today’s dentistry: it’s virtually painless. Technology, new procedures, and some very sophisticated approaches to anesthesia have all contributed to painless treatment, from cleaning to cavity preparations to root canals and more.

But what if you didn’t grow up with modern dentistry, and remember it differently? If you have had difficult dental experiences, you may be among the 150 million Americans who suffer through treatment or avoid the dentist altogether. The fact is, about 80% of those who are fearful can overcome this kind of anxiety with a little help from an empathetic dentist. That’s where Dr. DelCastillo and the entire Beach Dental Care team come into play!

Everyone in our practice understands dental fear and where it comes from. We are excellent at forming good working relationships with fearful patients. We encourage you to voice your anxiety and discuss your concerns with us. We’ll listen to your needs and agree on small things that help you maintain a sense of control. For instance, a hand signal works well with some patients. Talking about your fear with us – being proactive and letting us know what bothers you – is the first step.

Our practice has implemented strategies to calm virtually every patient’s nerves and make dentistry a positive, comfortable experience, mentally and physically. Depending on each individual’s level of agitation, the choices of treatment will vary. It’s really up to you. We offer:

  • Monitors in every room where you can watch something to distract you from what’s going on in the dental chair
  • Stereo headphones for use with podcasts or music (feel free to bring a favorite to your appointment)
  • Nitrous oxide analgesia (a.k.a. “laughing gas”), which is safe and leaves the system quickly, with very few side effects
  • Premedication with sedatives for anxiety
  • Topical anesthetics
  • Conventional dental anesthetics

Choosing one or a combination of several techniques for pain control and anxiety may work best for you. Our staff is experienced in recognizing fear and skilled in administering an antidote.

Call us with any questions you may have, especially if you are exploring ways to achieve the most comfortable dentistry possible. We understand and we’re here for you! 

Don’t Have Dental Insurance? No Problem!

We offer a FREE initial consultation for those who do not have dental insurance. Simply give us a call to schedule your first appointment and we’ll gladly help you out!

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